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Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement

Fundraising and Engagement is a new software that was introduced in 2020 on the market. It supports the most common fundraising-scenarios as well as giving types and channels (e.g. major donors, annual giving, recurring donations, membership programs, opportunity and purpose management, household and event management). 

Campaigns, packages and appeals can be implemented effectively together with campaign segmentation tools, aiming at carrying out sound appeals.

Finance officers, data bank administrators and business analysts will find the solutions for transactions, data management and business intelligence (supported by Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Power BI) most useful: 


The single data model will erase the data silos between these activities. The adjustment of programme and project financing is a key element of the software and can provide essential insights and business intelligence, strengthen existing partnerships and can identify opportunities for growth.

The software solution implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Azure effectively, and integrates a number of applications for the Microsoft Product Ecosystem through the common data service, with the goal to provide the most reliable digital platform for charitable organisations.

This new software allows charitable organisations to plan and carry out their fundraising in a completely new way and to digitalise processes, without investing into costly tailor-made software adaptations. 

The software has been translated into German by 

Advantages of Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement

  • Relationship Management

  • Campaign management

  • Administration and management of volunteers

  • Planning and implementation of Fundraising Events

  • Processing of financial givings and gifts in kind

  • Major donor management

  • One single data bank for all,i.e. availability of the same data for all areas of the organisation

Our services

  • Consulting, Planning. Counseling, and Implementation of your Fundraising and Engagement project

  • Programming of specific adaptations for your organisation

  • Tailor made trainings

  • Orientation of your staff in using the software

  • Operational support

Reference Projects

Fundraising and Development is a brand-new tool. We have been orienting ourselves intensively and have developed a German translation of this practice-oriented software. We are going to implement Fundraising and Engagement at one of our partner organisations from March 2023 onwards.

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