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Kobo Toolbox

KoBo Toolbox is an open-source mobile data collection application that is freely accessible to everyone. It enables data to be collected in the field, primarily on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet, but also with the help of paper or computers. The target group of this application are in particular organizations and actors who are active in the humanitarian environment. The KoBo Toolbox is particularly useful in emergency aid and difficult field situations. The KoBo Toolbox is mainly used in the area of needs assessment and monitoring, but can also be used for other data collection.   

KoBo Toolbox is constantly being improved. The adaptation of the KoBo Toolbox for humanitarian causes was a joint initiative of OCHA, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (

HHI) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).  

KoBo Toolbox can be used for all steps of data collection. After the preparations (which data should be collected, who is the target group, etc.), forms can be created, data collected and evaluated with the help of the toolbox.


The advantages of the toolbox are:

  • freely accessible

  • Continuously optimized

  • Compatible with Open Data Kit (ODK)

  • Direct digital data collection saves time and effort for transmission and eliminates possible sources of error during transmission from paper to computer.

  • The toolbox is very user-friendly and easy to learn how to use.

  • The toolbox can also be used offline.


Our range of services:


  • Set up the KoBo Toolbox for your organization.

  • Creation of a questionnaire based on the data to be collected from you.

  • Provision of the evaluations for your organization and integration of the data into existing systems (interface programming).

  • training of your employees

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